Educational activities in the Ephemeral Gardens

Our team leaders Séverine Guillonneau; Isabelle Demercière and Liane Edwards will accompany you this year at Isle Nature in different activities. A fun visit around the Ephemeral Gardens, educational workshops and environmentally educational workshops in the Water House.

We are also happy to provide workshops for schools, recreation centers and 
specialized institutions.

If you would like further information please contact us.


€ 25 per hour with tour guide.

1 guide is necessary up to 15 people,  2  for 16 to 30 people, 3 for 31 to 45 people. We welcome groups of up to 60 people.

Free for accompanying adults/teachers.

The site has parking and shelter in case of bad weather.

Visit the Ephemeral Garden. An experience to awaken the senses

We offer a fun visit of the gardens with a commentary adapted to the ages of the children. Duration : 1 hour
If you would like to spend the whole day on the site, we offer additional discovery activities and environmental education for sustainable development:

Plant Discovery workshop
Understanding the way plants are pollinated, the different parts of the plant and seed dispersal. The children take cuttings of willow

Duration : 1 hour - cycles 1, 2 and 3.

Discovery of small water creatures workshop
The children are taken, armed with a fishing net, to a stream in the garden and asked to observe and identify the creatures they find with the help of the team leader. Only available in June and July.

Duration :  1 hour - cycles 1, 2 and 3.

Discovery of small garden creatures workshop
The children are taught to understand the importance of biodiversity in the gardens through the construction of an insect shelter. They are made aware of ecological gardening and of the use of pesticides. (1heure/cyle 2 and 3) 

Hiking in the Marsh and discovery of wildlife
What is a swamp, a bog? The ecological, archaeological and social function of such a medium. A trip to a wet meadow, wildlife viewing and drilling, making a herbarium.

Duration: 1 hour /(cycle 3).

 Workshop "Land'art"
Along the river Aume children will be encouraged to discover the fauna and flora of the marshes. With natural materials gathered during the walk the children will be able to make  land art in the gardens. 

The Water Cycle workshops
A set of small workshops are available in the Water House to enable children to understand the water cycle, the domestic consumption at home and abroad, waste water ...


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