The Water House Saint-Fraigne

The opening of The Water House was held on 21 June 2012 at the launch of the 12th season Ephemeral Gardens.
The event was attended by about 250 people, curious to discover this new renovation.
There is no doubt that the relationship between St. Fraigne and water are not new. Our town is bathed by many streams, rivers, marshes, springs, fountains and valleys.
What could be more logical than to install a "House of Water"?

The different areas of the building are dedicated to water. Its different states, its role, its distribution, its future (global or domestic). In it we find the offices SIABAC of SIAEP and ASA (water management organisations).


Secretary : Florence DEVAUTOUR

Tel : 05 45 24 84 17


Le syndicat intercommunal d'adduction en eau potable (SIAEP), President :  Franck Bonnet


Animatrice du Programme Re-Sources du BAC de Moulin Neuf
Marine TALLON et Marion THORE

Tel : 05 45 65 97 17

courriel :



Le syndicat intercommunal d'aménagement hydraulique du bassin de l'Aume Couture (SIAHBAC), President : Franck Bonnet


Technicien de rivière

Julien Blancant

Tel : / Fax :



The Water House also has an exhibition hall of over 80 sq m.  You can discover a temporary exhibition on 'The cycle of water in our environment' with a technical area designed in conjunction with the SAUR and the commmunity of communes of Aigre.  Temporary exhibitions are put in place throughout the year on different subjects connected with water.



Isle Nature

Maison de l'eau
Rue du Chant du Coq

16140 Saint-Fraigne




Pour plus d'informations, vous pouvez nous contacter en ligne via le formulaire de contact