The wealth of the church lies in its murals. Born out of a chance meeting and the friendship between Louis Mazetier, renowned glass master of the first half of the twentieth century and Ferdinand Couffignal, pastor of St. Fraigne from 1910-1972 .
In 1944 Mazetier came to St. Fraigne with his wife to carry out work making a stained glass window dedicated to the Virgin Mary. After various agreements Mazetier actually carried out a mural that adorns the ceiling of the sanctuary.  During the time when he was painting his wife died. There then followed a period of depression for the artist who suggested to father Couffignal a further ornamentation of the church in the form of the Stations of the Cross.


There are many anecdotes relating to the execution of this work carried out over sixty years ago. The artist painted demons with faces of villagers, family members can be recognized and even the Bishop of Poitiers lends his features to Pontius Pilate. The people of St. Fraigne also said, sarcastically, that the eggs their chickens laid were on the walls of the church because Mazetier used them to bind his pigments.
Influenced by various styles (Dubuffet, Picasso, expressionism, cubism, African art ...) the work of Louis Mazetier is both original, expressive, violent and leaves no visitor indifferent.


Books and CDs about Louis Mazetier's work are available from the Visitors' Shop at Isle Nature.

You can find out more information by visiting the website of the 'Association Histoires du Pays d'Aigre and from Newspaper articles in the 'Sud Ouest'  "Illuminé par la création" and Le Testament de Mazetier' " un concert pour sauver l'église"



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